Wednesday, 18 October 2017

19 October Welcome back to term 4.
Room 9 is learning to spell basic words

Mankitanga  is learning list 1-3 of the  spell write basic words.  First he wrote his recount then we identified the words he could spell correctly. We found some list words not correctly spelt so Manakitanga wrote the words in correctly on the empty lines we leave. Manakitanga can also listen for sounds in tricky words which helps us to proof read them. Finally our recount was ready to publish.

The Tree Hut
I wish we could make tree huts at school.
I know how to make  a tree hut. I've got my tree hut it has got a ladder on my tree hut. It was fun making a tree hut. I like my tree house. We can make tree huts at school. I like my roof.It helps you to learn maths like counting and measuring. You measure the tree. You have to measure the wood . When you cut you use the numbers 0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 on your ruler.

Monday, 18 September 2017

Term three  2017   Monday 18 September

Room 9 is learning to write to persuade others. We have been working on oral persuasion using reasons and giving examples. Here's how Amethyst tries to convince us not to eat gum at school

W.A.L.T. Persuade others

We should not chew gum at school.
Firstly gum is bad to eat at school because chewing gum is not safe. It might get stuck in your throat and stop you from breathing. DO NOT SWALLOW the chewing gum!
Chewing gum is dirty. Stretching your gum and making bubbles is dirty because bugs might fly into your gum.
If you eat gum while you are sleeping gum can get stuck in your hair.
Gum is dangerous and gum is yuck when you find some on the ground and pick it us and eat it.
We are not allowed to chew gum at school because it is: unsafe, dirty and dangerous.
term 3  Friday  September 15

W.A.L.T. write explanations.

The beehive has arrived. We are waiting for the non-stinging bees to come. In the meantime we learnt about bees and beehives. We drew a diagram of a hive and wrote to tell what a hive is and listed what's in the hive.
Here's what Manakitanga wrote to explain what is happening inside a hive. He had to name a part them use because or so to link his explanation about why it's there.
He wrote:

The Queen lays eggs because she is the biggest bee in the world. And the bees have got wax so the little eggs can go in the wax.The bees went to the flowers so there was pollen in the hive because it came on the bees leg. And the worker bees make honey so the bees can eat it.  

2017 term 3    September 8

W.A.L.T. plant seeds

We got some' Kitchen  Garden' seed raising kits. Here we are making up the planting 'jiffy quick soil mix'. We added water to the pellets and stirred. It took a long time. Finally we put the soil in the pots and planted: parsley, coriander, chillies and basil . 
The seeds came up . They took a long time. We learnt to wait until the weather is a bit warmer before planting seeds. Next we will put the seedlings into trays and then into our garden.

4 September 2017

We Are Learning To or W.A.L.T. set up a worm farm in our class.
On the 15 August Anouk came and showed us how to set up a worm farm in our classrooms. We had to learn about worms and what  sort of environment or house they like so we could make our worm farm.
We found out that you should only use tiger worms for a worm farm. We also learn that worms lay eggs and like to live in damp dark places. Now we know why we shouldn't dig up worms and leave them in the sun. We feed our worms scraps.
It was fun and very interesting finding out about worms.

Friday 1 September

W.A.L.T. follow instructions to make a toy farm.

We read 'The Toy Farm'. After reading we followed instructions to make trees and designed fences and buildings. We had to go back and study the instructions and them try out a few times before they worked. We talked about our visit to the Dairy farm too. Jacobs group had been reading a book called "helicopters Help". Look carefully and you can see a yellow and green helicopter has landed.
Mrs Bingham lent us her farm animals - thank you. We had fun doing this activity all the other groups wanted to join in. You can see we did learn to follow instructions.

Monday August 28

W.A.L.T.  count in fives to solve problems.

We have 6 teams with five in each team at the rippa rugby. How many children are there altogether playing for Kaikohe West School?
Here's how we worked it out. Some use pictures of the children in teams and others used symbols or crosses to show each team member. The work shows that these children understood that the groups are equal. At the end we realised we could count in 5s so we wrote: 5,10,15,20,25,30. We achieved our learning intention. Next we'll start recording the number sentences or 6 x 5 = 30.