Sunday, 30 July 2017

term 3 week 1 Wednesday
Today we learnt about how to use crayon and dye processes for art.

This week we had a couple  of wet days inside . We made such a good job of putting the wet day games away that Mrs Stirling gave us a 'new' game of pool.

Now we just have to remember to look after the pool table and put it away properly  so all the pieces are ready for us to share and have fun next time.

Term 3 week 1
This week the year 3 students went to a  Rippa Rugby skills session with Noah. We learn how to throw , catch and to work as a team.

Term 2 week 8
this week we made Jelly. We were learning about reading and writing instructions. More than that it was a fun experience and we got to eat the Jelly. Language experience activities, like making jelly, help  children to develop their vocabulary and oral language in a real context.

term 2 week 9
This week is report week. Children who bring home a copy of their report are due for a parent interview. Come along on Tuesday and visit the class in the afternoon to talk about your childs progress.
term 2 Queens birthday week. Passion week
This week was "Passion Week" the children chose  an activity that they were interested on and when to the teacher or classroom where that Passion activity was.
Room 9 studied Garden to table. Many of the room 9 students joined this activity. We had fun digging gardens and planing out: bok choy, mustard seed, flowers and strawberries. The gardens are looking much tidier. We also had  a delicious soup and apple crumble which we cooked ourselves. thank you to Maua Gus, Whaea Lee  and room 11 who also joined the Garden to Table Passion.