Wednesday, 25 May 2016

26 May
Passion week continued.
Here are some of the finished cupcakes.

Passion week  Cooking in room 9
W.A.L.T. participate and contribute.
We made cupcakes. It was hard work for us. First we read our recipe then we mixed, and mixed and mixed!

 The butter , eggs and sugar turned into cream. We added the flour mix and some milk  and mixed some more. The mix went into patty pans and got cooked. They smelt delicious.
 Nicely cooked and ready to be cooled for us to ice.
 Cooling over lunchtime.
 We made icing and mixed up a rainbow of colours. Cooking is hard work.
 Mrs Stirling showed us how to ice and decorate a cupcake ladybird. We had to do a design and try to ice by our selves. Now how did she do that? Just as well we were allowed to watch and ask questions from others in our group.
 We are just going to try.

 Yes, we got the icing on. Now it's time to add the decorations.
We were allowed to make our design. We remembered to share so everyone just took enough decorations.

After swimming we took our class photo for term 2. That was in May before the weather got cold.

Tuesday, 10 May 2016

9 May

W.A.L.T. describe an environment using our senses
We went for a walk to look at our class gardens. We recorded what we could see, hear, feel and smell. Our teacher told us which ones were safe to taste.
Ocean -Lee wrote
 I can see a daisy it is beautiful and soft. I can see a hole in the flower.
I can hear a bee buzzing. I hear a crickle crackle noise.
I can feel the smooth spider webbed flower.
I can smell a strawberry taste it's delightful.
I can taste honey clover.