Saturday, 27 August 2016

On week four students from room nine went up on stage with Whaea Clair's Jump Jam group at assembly time

Cross country
We have four students who are going to compete in the cross country at Ohaeawai

Cortez and Mark are waiting outside room 3  to go to cross-country.
Where are Aurora and Cloey? 

Week 5                                      26 August
Room 9 play skittles.
W.A.L. sums to ten to help us subtract.

There are ten skittles up.
Felk is ready to bowl the skittles.

Here comes the ball. 

Now there is only one skittle up  and nine skittles down. Good shot Felk.

Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Our Garden

4 August
The giant pansy plants from term 2 have started to flower. We tried out the everlasting spinach it was  quite nice. thank you Maia for taking this photo.