Saturday, 4 March 2017

Week 6

On our wall we have ladybirds who are helping us to learn about contractions. I will becomes  I'll.

We talked about how many people in our family  who are living in our house. We lined up to make a living graph so we could compare and say who had the biggest and smallest families.

Week 5
We read about Fish Head Soup this week in our shared book. On Friday Mrs Stirling brought in a pot with a fish head so we made soup.   It was fun and really helped us to learn the new vocabulary in our book.
The fish head
We all took turns to  look at the fish

Cut the onion
The onion goes in the pot

Add some salt
Chop the parsley.

Put  in some carrot - grated.

Now just add water and boil.
Our soup cooking.
What came next?   Click our link to find out - well that's what happened in our shared book story but we couldn't get a single fly to  come into ur kitchen.

There's nothing like a scoop of fish head soup..

We enjoyed our fish head soup for lunch . and we remember to clean up.

Week 4 Room 9 are sketching self portraits as part of our identity unit.

We are using our ipads as mirrors in selfie mode to help us draw our self portrait. Bevan just couldn't resist taking a picture.

Week 4. We are learning to take turns when having a discussion.
First we have time to think about the idea. Then we turn to our partner and share ideas.Finally we share our ideas as a group. We call this Think, Pair Share. Talking about our ideas helps us to organise our ideas and to learn new words. It helps us to become better thinkers and talkers.

Here we are talking about out ideas together.

Week 3 We are learning routines for reading

C group is noticing the information in the pictures to help us read the words.

We are learning to point to each word as we read. We have to be careful not to cover the words we are trying to read.

Room 9      2017

Welcome to room 9 . Here are some pictures we took of the class in February.