Saturday, 1 April 2017

W.A.L.T. use adjectives to describe our face and features.
Some of us started on the activities we like too. Bevan even shared a family anecdote or story.
Drift has a round face. He has short brown hair. He likes going fishing and skateboarding with his brother
My face is like a circle. My hair is black. I like painting my dog’s kennel.
I see I have straight eyebrows It can be cool to maybe be big. I like to play handball with my big sister.
Bevan has a round face. He has got short black hair. Bevan has upside down tick eyebrows.
Once my little brother took my Mum’s lipstick and he drew on Mum’s dress. Then my mum gave him a growling. Then he had to help me do my lawn mowing work. He raked up the grass.

Vaughan has a round face and he has golden hair. He is skinny and has brown skin. He has green and blue eyes with upside down tick eyebrows.

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